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Art and Galleries of Barbados

The art community in Barbados is vibrant & displayed in a multitude of galleries islandwide. Perhaps it was passed down through the generations from the slave ancestors who created art with their hands and imaginations.

Barbados is home to some incredibly talented artists. These artists are not limited in media, style, or size and choose to express themselves through all kinds of beautiful arts and crafts, including oil and acrylic painting, sculpture, ceramics, woodworks, jewelry making, shell art, and coconut carvings.

Most of the work produced by local artists depict our local scenes and our local culture. Also, the colors tend to be very bright and vivid, illustrating the vibrant, happy nature of our people and our island.

The art produced varies from shell earrings sold on the beach, to large murals and woodcarvings. By visiting one of the local art galleries, you could easily find yourself wrapped up in a single piece of art, the kind you could stare at all day.

Maybe something you’ve been looking for and didn’t know it, perhaps the perfect piece to fit into your home. A bit of local art could be the best souvenir you ever purchased; imagine a beautiful, bright painting depicting our perfect paradise that you can have forever, to remind you of your visit to this haven.

Visit the Arts Directory of Barbados.


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