Holders Season 2011 – The Opening Night

Holders Season 2011 – The Opening Night

Holders Season 2011 – The opening Night.

Holders Season blossomed on Friday with an opening night of operatic masterpieces. The gardens of Wendy Kidd’s home, Holders House, were transformed into a Barbadian wonderland that could have been the set of Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Lush, tropical flora and fauna were bathed in soft, coloured lights draped from the trees, chandeliers hung from tree branches, fairy lights adorned palms and coloured spot lights lit up the beautiful surroundings. Giant candelabras decorated the garden, magnificently crafted by John Burgess’s Works in Metal’ studio, who is famous for his work at the Cliff Restaurant. Classical music gently drifted through the Holders House garden and a buzz of anticipation engulfed the classy, well-dressed clientele.

Tents selling food, champagne, drinks and local arts and crafts encompassed the auditorium, enabling the Holders ticket holders to explore the grounds, marvel at the lighting and discover local Barbadian jewellery, paintings, and even handmade hats, at their leisure. Many sat at pretty metal tables sipping on sparkly, fizzing drinks in front of a beautiful backdrop of natural pinks and reds from the spectacular sunset. Birds sang in the trees as the sun gently sank down behind the surrounding polo fields.

Up at the house, impeccable Holders Season staff ran around ensuring everything ran smoothly. When the house phone rang parrots in huge cages spoke the words ‘Hello, hello, hello’ in unison much to the staff’s delight. The VIP area was romantically set on a raised platform, overlooking the house pool and the entire grounds.

As 7pm approached, the merry culture lovers took to their seats; which had been very cleverly set on the natural incline of the lawn, ensuring an excellent view would be held by all. The opera performance had two halves; the first a comedy: ‘The Well-Clipped Barber of Seville’, and the second a performance from the classical ‘boyband’: ‘Blake’.

The Well-Clipped Barber of Seville

The Barber of Seville, one of the greatest operas of all time, was ‘clipped down’ resulting in an extremely accessible and entertaining version that could be enjoyed by all ages. Jennifer Elisabetta Fina’s mezzo soprano voice soared above the garden, Emilio Fina’s tenor sounds stirred the audience’s imagination, and Douglas Tranquada’s baritone rooted and focused the spectator’s minds.

Pianist James McConnel backed the singers with wonderful playing and he also acted as narrator, taking theatregoers on the journey of this wonderful, comical opera story. His jokes delighted the audience and his narration made the Italian-sung storyline accessible to all.


Four good looking men, dressed in exquisite tuxedos, wowed the audience by performing a plethora of songs; demonstrating their excellent range and ability by moving between classical opera and operatic versions of famous pop songs. In between their quartet numbers they joked and bantered together bringing smiles and giggles to the captivated audience.

Each song was totally unique and different from the next and their spellbinding performances were lit up with different coloured lights, enhancing the mood. Their performance of Chasing Cars, Snow Patrol sent shivers down spectator’s spines, and their heartfelt introductions to each song united the audience creating emotional memories for all.

Very likeable, and extremely talented, Blake are a band to remember. They have only been around for a year, yet have already won a Brit Award for album of the year, and sold over 100,000 copies of their debut album earning them their first Gold Disk. On the opening night of Holders Season, Blake brought the house down rounding off a beautiful, enchanting evening to remember forever.

In 2011 there will be plenty more chances to witness this inspiring quartet with up and coming performances planned for Scandinavia, Australia, China, Canada, the United States as well as a 40 date tour in the U.K.

The audience’s high expectations were surpassed with a wonderful opening evening. Some of the theatre goers arrived with picnic hampers of food and drink and enjoyed dinner alfresco in front of the opera.

If you are planning to enjoy a night at Holders Season perhaps you too would like to enhance your night by packing a hamper of your favourite food and drink? There is plenty of room to park and lots of help at hand enabling you to find your way around the majestic grounds.

Don’t forget to arrive in plenty of time to ensure that you are able to fully take in the wonderful ambience of Holders House.

Season Tickets: $185, $125, $65, $35 (VAT inclusive)
Gala Night Tickets: $200 (including table and chairs) & $140 (VAT inclusive)

All Performances commence at 7:00pm Gates open at 5:30pm (Programme subject to change)
For More Information Contact Holders Box Office:
Telephone: (246) 432-7338
Fax: (246) 432-6461

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