Child Care Services

Barbados Child Care Services

Barbados is a great getaway spot for the whole family, but it can also be fabulous for the adults in your party with our wide variety of bars, restaurants, and nightlife.

Just in case you were thinking of bringing the kids and looking forward to a little grown-up time, we at Totally Barbados have set up this page just for you.

Each babysitter has his or her own availability and may also have his or her own rate. However, the general going rate for babysitters on the island is usually between BDS $10/hr (US $5/hr) and BDS $20/hr (US $10/hr). It is always best to establish this upfront.

Totally Barbados does not personally recommend any babysitters, neither do we accept any liability for the sitters.

It is suggested that you contact the sitter beforehand, ask for references, and ensure your own personal comfort with the sitter before leaving them with your child.

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