Celtic Festival

Celtic Festival in Barbados

Based on the highly electrifying and exciting program over the last two years there is no doubt that the Celtic Festival in Barbados is now one of the more anticipated events in the country.

It creates lasting memories and the program lends itself to the view that it is arranged to ensure maximum satisfaction.

The Celtic Festival, which is normally an event that celebrates the things Celtic, also reinforces Barbados’ image as a melting pot of cultural significance. The itinerary includes cultural exchanges, heritage tours, music and mouth watering local dishes of Barbados.

The festival celebrates the 350 year history between the Celtic countries of Scotland, Ireland, and Wales, and the province of Nova Scotia, and Barbados.

The involvement of Barbados stems from the fact that many inhabitants of those countries have had a direct impact on the island’s cultural development.

At the time when sugar was the dominant economic activity in Barbados, many indentured servants from Scotland, Wales, and Ireland were brought to the island to supplement the existing labour force.

Some of their descendants can still be found in the country, although in smaller numbers, and are located mainly in the eastern parishes of St. John and St. Joseph.

Interesting enough, the events are not only held in the capital city of Barbados, Bridgetown but also at many of the scenic sites and popular spots around the coastlines of the same two parishes.

The program for this year’s festival featured a wide range of exciting entertainment events, tours, food, and attendance at the SOL Motor Rally held around that time.

There were the Pipers on the scenic Boardwalk in Bridgetown, Peatbog Faeries at the Plantation Garden Theatre, a tour of the Flower Forest in St. Joseph, lunch at the popular Atlantis Hotel overlooking Tent Bay, Bathsheba, and a thrilling entertainment program at Holders, St. James.

Peatbog Faeries is Scotland’s liveliest Celtic rock band and it did not disappoint as it literally “rocked” the Plantation Theatre in Barbados.

The following day the excitement got more intense at the Limegrove Lifestyle Centre in Holetown, the location where the first settlers to Barbados landed.

At Limegrove there was a food demonstration including lunch with international celebrity Paul Wedgwood, who hails from Scotland.

A boat ride on the Catamaran was like no other, as the Celts became engaged in snorkeling with sea turtles, while enjoying the picturesque west coast of Barbados.

There was, as well, a walk to the Flower Forest, a 53 acre botanical garden for nature lovers of all ages and which overlooks the scenic east coast of Barbados and the rugged Scotland District.

These activities were well received and supported by many Barbadians who saw them as adding significant depth and variety to the offerings of the island.

This Barbados Festival marks another milestone in Barbados’ position on the global stage as a place for enjoyment and relaxation.

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