A Barbados Morning with CHUM FM and Kelly Clarkson

A Barbados Morning with CHUM FM and Kelly Clarkson

The beckoning call to CHUM FM’s “Breakfast in Barbados” now in its 24th year is always the treat that Barbadian – born Canadian Irv Skinner has always envisioned.

Breakfast in Barbados 2009 Photos

Add the CHUM FM crew out of Toronto, about 100 contestant winners – top that off with the fact that over 30 of them are from outside of Canada and from as far as Malaysia, Germany and Belgium, the result is a contagiously exciting experience.

While the highlight of the live breakfast show at Almond Beach Village was the interview with Kelly Clarkson, there were several other notable moments throughout the morning. There was drama, romance, adventure – you name it!

The CHUM FM crew enticed the radio listeners stuck in the morning traffic in Canada, those tuning in online and those fortunate winners who were actually in their swimming costumes and noticeable tan lines!

Amongst the entertainment features throughout the morning was the call -in quiz competitions like Birthday Payday, a live marriage proposal and an impressive display of acting skills as two of the winners had to read the script from a film and then callers had to correctly guess the film.

The chemistry amongst Roger, Darren and Marilyn was irrepressible as they lured the audience into their various schemes throughout the morning.

Canadians Dave and Sue Rochester certainly have the winning touch since this is the 2nd time they have been winners for the Chum FM competition having graced the shores of Barbados in 2007 for Michael Bublé and Jan Arden.

They feel at home here amongst the friendly locals and even indicated that they were extremely comfortable driving around the island, getting lost and then asking for directions. They now have the totally Barbadian tip for directions in looking for “To City” or “Out of City” bus stops.

This extremely athletic couple also had a surfing lesson with the internationally renowned Brian Talma. They faced the waves and conquered them with the help of some essential tips.

They will also be swimming with the turtles, snorkeling and engaging in as many water sports as possible.

Their children – Hayley, Tara and Kyle – all huge fans of Kelly Clarkson, were unfortunately in Canada so Dave and Sue were dutifully trying to have as much fun as possible, obviously not to make their children jealous, but so that they can experience the adventure through them.

There was a romantic surprise for Shelley Ann Gorgerat, who was “proposed to” live on the air by Leon Sochan. There were cheers and tears as Leon revealed that he was planning this surprise for a year since the notification that they were winners of the competition, and would be in Barbados.

The love flowing between this couple was apparent and Shelley Ann has probably forgiven Leon for what she thought was his insensitivity as he purchased electronic items instead of a wedding ring. All along, Leon was desperately seeking hiding places around the house for his treasure. As the beautiful couple relished in their love, they have to look no further than Barbados for the perfect wedding destination!

The Partipilo family from Chicago was also very excited to be on the island, they were so overwhelmed by their good fortune of being winners that they seem to be taking the experience in gradually by relaxing on the beach and by the pool.

They are of course glad to be out of the Windy City and into a much warmer climate. As if to emphasize their good luck, they were fortunate to get a family portrait with Kelly Clarkson at the end of her interview.

All this action on air did not deflect from the main attraction – the arrival of Kelly Clarkson. As she strolled into the breakfast area, cheers erupted and the cameras were hyperactive. Everyone wanted a piece of this internationally acclaimed artiste.

Her effervescence and genuine personality emerged as Kelly revealed many secrets about herself, underlying the fact that she really is human and does things in the shower that all humans do!

She also revealed her humanistic side and passion for animals as she talked about the animal shelter she has opened and the benefits of being famous is to use her name to give back to society.

Greeting each person as they surrounded her for group photos – Kelly definitely has made her mark without singing a note, so there is so much more to look forward to.

“Breakfast in Barbados” just keeps getting better!

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