Breakfast in Barbados 2009 on the Beach with Kelly Clarkson

Breakfast in Barbados 2009 on the Beach with Kelly Clarkson

What could be more picturesque than the turquoise Caribbean Sea and the golden sands of Barbados, providing the backdrop for breakfast, the most important meal of the day?

Well, the answer of course is “absolutely nothing”, and over 100 lucky contestant winners unanimously agreed.

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The winners of CHUM FM’s Breakfast in Barbados 2009 were treated to an incredible morning at Almond Beach Village on April 22nd, 2009 with the CHUM FM gang of Roger, Darren and Marilyn – and of course, Kelly Clarkson!

Kelly, quietly regarded as the “problem child” of the successful American Idol franchise, was in form and it was clear to see why Management and the record label have challenges trying to restrain this effervescent and fiery soul.

The song “Miss Independent” bears true testament to her spirit and the determination which cannot easily be pigeon-holed into any single category of R&B, pop or country music.

If any label was to be attributed, it would probably be rock – not only representing the genre of music she personifies, but also her solid performances on the album charts and her loyal fan base.

Kelly, whose maturity belies her age -will be 27 on Friday April 24th, 2009, whilst still in Barbados – advises future Idol contestants and aspiring Musicians to “take time to grasp the situation that you have been thrust into”.

In spite of their busy schedules, she manages to keep in touch with some of the past contestants and even hinted at a possible collaboration with Chris Daughtry – one of the most successful “non-winners” of the competition.

She admitted that she dragged her heels in the studio for the first album because she wanted the process to be one which she was a part of, and in control; not merely a “puppet on a string”.

It is ironic that one of the most successful products of American Idol, fiercely guards her autonomy and the quality and value of the records that she produces.

The final product of an album, she revealed, is as much about the fans as it is about her – choosing the songs for the album involves deciding which songs she will enjoy performing the most when on the grueling road for sold out concert tours.

With a stage on one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, and lyrics that sound like she is singing “cinnamon buns”, the air is already ripe with anticipation for Kelly’s first performance in Barbados at Harbour Lights Beachfront Nightclub.

One of the first questions received by the announcers for Kelly was via email from a member of the fan club from Germany, which Kelly noted has several “extremely passionate members”.

She genuinely appreciates all the outpourings from her fans and patiently took photographs with the CHUM FM winners after the interview.

In fact, she revealed that her fans offer her more support than they probably know, since during live performances, when she needs to catch her breath, she points the microphone to the crowd and encourage them to sing along – beauty, talent and brains!

Along with the tropical sunshine, Kelly warmed the hearts of the listeners with her genuine personality and cheeky humor. When she participated in the Kelly Clarkson Quiz she only missed two questions about herself, much to the delight of those persons present.

In another example that fame has not affected her, she shared that best friend from high school is actually her hair and make-up person.

Although she has clearly reached for the stars, her feet are firmly planted on the ground – in this case the sand – as she prepares for her unforgettable performance on Thursday April 23rd, 2009 at Harbour Light in Barbados.

The male fans of Kelly were pleased to hear that she is currently single and she is hoping to have a drama-free relationship with a lucky guy in the future.

Perhaps in magical Barbados, Kelly Clarkson will find love – I know Barbados and the listeners of CHUM FM are totally in love with her!

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