Karaoke Bars in Barbados

What on earth could be more fun than karaoke?¬†Whether you’re enjoying a night out with your friends, looking to go out and meet new people, in a really bad mood, down in the dumps and looking for a bit of a pick me up, or if you’re just looking for somewhere to showcase your talent (or lack of), karaoke is the answer.

Karaoke is very popular in Barbados and becoming even more so as time passes. You can often find a bar on the side of the road featuring karaoke at any given night of the week, although Fridays and Saturdays are particularly popular.

Blues, R&B, Jazz, Calypso, Reggae, Rock, Pop, Soca or Oldies, whatever your genre and style, there’s a karaoke listing just for you.

Karaoke in Barbados carries with it such a laid back, relaxed, easygoing attitude that it’s almost impossible not to throw your head back and laugh, simply enjoying the evening.

Especially if you are here on vacation, as you’re never going to see any of these people again, so you can just forget about embarrassment!

St. James, more specifically, First Street in Holetown, is a very popular location for karaoke in Barbados. They even have a “Karaoke in the street” night periodically.

Rum shops in general often have a karaoke machine that most owners are willing to turn on at any given time. People frequently rent karaoke machines for special events and private functions, and it’s not really that uncommon for people to have their very own karaoke machine at home. St. Lawrence Gap is another location with a high concentration of Karaoke nights.

If you are looking for a different scene, something fun to do, check out a karaoke bar. Guaranteed it’s never the same thing twice and it’s always hilariously entertaining. Welcome to Barbados, come sing with us!

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