Breakfast in Barbados 2007

Breakfast in Barbados 2007

What a “Breakfast in Barbados” this was….the kitchen and dining room was the beachfront property of Harbour Lights Nightclub, the menu was prepared by Canada’s Number One Radio Station CHUM FM, and the hungry fans were served the musical platter of the lyrically expressive Jann Arden and charming Michael Bublé.

With sand between toes, the cool breeze off the Caribbean Sea and the perfectly arranged stars and moon in the sky on Thursday March 8th, 2007, the two friends had the audience eating out of their sand covered hands.

The show started promptly at 8pm with Miss Arden gliding on to the stage looking ever inch of a Queen. The audience got right in to it as she showered them with some new tracks from her recently released album “Uncover Me”, as well as some crowd favourites like “I would die for you”, “Insensitive” and “You’re so vain”.

Quite the comedian, Arden noted that these were some of her more upbeat songs. Her charming sense of humour created an intimate setting for the one thousand strong audience as she shared some of her relationship stories about Michael Bublé with the audience.

From her flirtatious interaction with the audience and her revelation of Michael’s love for her prepared the audience for his time on stage. A guitar, bongo drums and a shak-shak provided perfectly accompanied Jann’s distinct voice and heartfelt lyrics.

After Jann’s performance most persons could have gone home truly satisfied with the show, but there was more to come – Michael Bublé more.

Michael’s twelve-piece backing band which included brass, percussion and strings, took to the stage amidst deafening screams from the audience. As they warmed the audience up, Bublé’s distinct voice could be heard in the darkness of the night and when he burst on to the stage it was evident that we were in for a musical treat.

Michael continued Jann’s story and gave us further comedic insight into their relationship and the professional and personal respect and friendship that these two have adds to the chemistry of their individual performances as well as their duet “You Don’t Know Me” which brought the house down.

Bublé treated fans to “Fly me to the Moon”, “Me and Mrs. Jones” and the exclusive first live performance of “Lost”, one of the singles from his upcoming album to be released on May 1st, 2007.

Michael was quick to reassure his fans that this was not a song “about those guys on the island” and his comments towards pop culture, as well as some brief performances of “You’re Beautiful” and “Humps” throughout his performance made the audience feel like they were hanging with their new best friend who was the coolest guy in town.

Even when performing “Home”, Bublé assured that audience he was having such a great time in Barbados that he did in fact consider it to be home now. Music to our ears.

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