Bryan Adams in Barbados

World-renowned recording artist, Bryan Adams, performed on the shores of paradise for the second time on Friday, April 8th 2005.

CHUM FM of Toronto, Canada, brought the international superstar to Barbados to celebrate their 20th anniversary, along with 30 couples that had won a call-in radio contest.

Now, Barbados is well known for many things, and hosting concerts by mega-stars is one of them, so as the news of Bryan Adams’ upcoming performance leaked out, tickets became a rare commodity and people were going to all lengths to secure entrance.

The concert was set to start at 8pm and by 6pm Harbour Lights, the open-air beachfront nightclub and location of the elusive concert, was full and excitement was in the air.

The stage was set on the beach beneath massive palm trees lit both from below and above by the night’s stars. Bryan and his band exploded onto the stage with a burst of enthusiasm and nothing short of window-shattering screams from the audience.

For the next two hours the barmen remained idle as no one could peel themselves away from the stage even long enough to get a drink!

Bryan engaged the audience in a way only a true star can, moving people to climb the palm trees and even join him on stage for a once in a lifetime duet.

Not once during his performance did the energy level drop and the crowd remained ecstatically enthralled throughout.For that one night, the audience were touched by his performance and no one wanted to let him go.

Once again this was the summer of ’69 and the entire audience was, sworn to be 18 for the rest of their lives. As he left the stage, nearly two hours later, it definitely cut like a knife, but the night truly did feel so right.

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