Bridgetown Film Festival

Bridgetown Film Festival

This event started in 2005 and is hosted by a group of Caribbean filmmakers known as The Film Group. It aims to showcase the films being made in the region and for 2007 will run from April 28 until May 6, 2007.

Last year’s event was held over 9 days and included film screenings and workshops. Last year also saw the first Caribbean Cinema and Television Marketplace Symposium. Speakers at this event included famed music video director, Little X, who conducted the Music Video workshop.

This year will see 8 major films screened during the festival, of which 7 have been produced in Barbados, which is a tremendous boost to the Barbadian film industry. However organisers are keen to see this event become the leading film festival of the Caribbean region, with one of this years special presentation films coming from Antigua.

There will be two outdoor screenings, the first being held on April 28th from 6pm until 8pm in Jubilee Gardens, where ‘Films in the City’ will be shown. The second outdoor event will be on May 1 where ‘The Bridgetown Film Festival Beach Lime’ will be held at Brandon’s Beach from 6pm until 9pm.

Daily screenings will run from April 29 until May 5 at Olympus Theatres unless otherwise stated. On April 28 ‘Around the World’ will screen at Errol Barrow Creative Arts Centre (EBCAC) from 6pm until 8pm and again on April 30 from 8pm until 10pm, on May 5 it will screen at Olympus Theatre from 6pm until 8pm. On April 28 ‘Sistagod’ will screen again at EBCAC from 8pm until 10pm.

‘Vexx’ has been produced in Barbados and directed and produced by Bongo Lights who also stars alongside Jerry Babb. This story is about
your best friends becoming your worst enemies and your girlfriend finishing with you, add this to owing money to the court and you get real Vexx! The premier and cocktail reception will be held at Olympus Theatre from 7pm until 10pm on May 2.

‘The Kite Flyer’ is also a Barbadian production, which was directed by Thom Cross and written and produced by Sean Russell. It stars
Levi King, Andrew Pilgrim, Samud Ali and Rhea Ramjit. The story is about Jamal when problems between him and his stepfather escalate, and his life is changed forever as he turns to a life of crime. Soon Jamal becomes the right hand man to the twisted pseudo military gang leader, the General. This position causes much jealousy throughout the gang. If that’s not enough for him to handle he must also try to rescue Angelique, the girl from the other side of the tracks, who has been kidnapped by two gangsters. The premier will be held at Olympus Theatre from 8pm until 10pm on May 3.

‘The Final Truth’ again comes out of Barbados and is again directed by Thom Cross and produced by Cross- Caribbean Productions. It stars Varia Williams, Ian Walcott and Partrick Foster. The story is of Sean Osbourne a young, ambitious, married doctor and politician, who develops a gay relationship with one of his tutors in New York that lasts many years. His wife, Shannah, becomes infected with HIV/AIDS and makes a video of her life prior to her death. This will screen at Olympus Theatre from 8pm until 10pm on May 4.

‘Holding On’ is yet again Barbadian and directed by Maharaki and was written produced by Laura Lyn Hutchinson. It stars Varia Williams, Rosemary Philips, Marina Smith and Sean Field. Mya, Sam and Emma are three sisters whose personalities and lifestyles are as diverse as the islands of the Caribbean. Mya’s the mother hen, Sam’s all about money and Emma’s a rising star. They reunite to decide about their family home on the beach, for which they’re being offered a large sum of money from resort developers. A humorous look at family, fortune, fame and the choices we make, individually and nationally, regarding keeping traditions and pursuing progress. This will screen at Olympus Theatre from 8pm until 10pm on May 4.

‘Villains Anonymous’ is you guessed it another Barbadian production and was directed by Neil Sorhaindo and produced by Marlo Hunte. It stars Robin Douglas. This is the story of being a villain and the trials and obstacles that can become disheartening at times. But there is a place where a villain can go and talk about his unfortunate blunders and disappointments; where he is not alone and is comforted by others like him. This will screen at Olympus Theatre from 8pm until 10pm on May 4.

In the special presentation films you can see ‘Hit For Six’ out of Barbados, which was directed by Alison Saunders-Franklyn, and produced by Colleen Hue. It stars Andrew Pilgrim, Jeanille Bonterre, and Varia Williams. It is the story of Alex Nelson, a talented but inconsistent cricketer, who has been sidelined from the West Indies team for scuffing with his coach, pursues an unlikely quest to get back on the team for a chance to play in the Global One Day Series. This will screen at Olympus Theatre from 6pm until 8pm on May 4th.

‘The Sweetest Mango’ is from Antigua and directed by Howard Allen. It was produced by HAMA Productions and stars Omar Mathurin and Jermilla Kirwan. It is the story of Richard, an aspiring musical artiste who aids Lovelyanne in her quest for acceptance. This will screen at Olympus Theatre from 6pm until 8pm on May 3.

‘From Barbados with Love’ is out of Barbados and was written and directed by Miguel Drayton and produced by Chryssy Tininer. It stars
Victor Clifford, Magnet Man, and Paula Taylor. It is the story of Oswald, the greatest Barbadian monkey hunter who meets his match in the monkey Chango. His nephew Miguel, returns to Barbados and aims to document Oswald’s battle with Chango, who may or may not be the monkey destroyer from the Rastafarian bible. The premier will be held at Olympus Theatre from 8pm until 10pm on May 5.

There are lots of events surrounding the screenings and on May 4 you can attend The Music Video Fete, which will be held at Club Xtreme will be transformed into the set of a music video where, everyone is a star. Partygoers can enjoy music by popular DJs and music video mixes by the Final Image VJs. Also have the chance to see yourself on the club’s big screen and “Do Your Thang” at our open mic sessions.

The Caribbean Cinema and Television Marketplace Symposium Talks will be held on May 5 as the producers of the CCTMS felt it necessary, to hold a session with local and visiting filmmakers to discuss the areas in film production that need to be improved upon, in order to prepare for the 2008 CCTMS.

The Bridgetown Film Festival Award Ceremony and Cocktail Party will be held on May 6 at Olympus Theatre from 7pm until 10pm. This year awards will be given for Best Barbadian Film, Best Caribbean Film, Best International Film, Schools Outreach Award, Best Short Film and Festival Pick

This year the Bridgetown Film Festival is increasing the number of festival seminars. Participants can expect to hear talks from Sistagod’ director, Yao Ramesar on April 30 from 6pm until 7.30pm at the Errol Barrow Creative Arts Centre and Neil Nelson, owner of the Atlanta based digital distribution company, Broken Curve on May 3 at Olympus Theatre from 10am until 12noon. Chief Operations Officer at the Caribbean Media Corporation will speak on May 4 at Olympus Theatre from 10am until 12noon. Other seminar speakers may be added on as the Festival draws nearer.

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