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Barbados Visitor Guide

Totally Barbados Home Visitor Guide to Staying in Barbados

If you are visiting and staying in Barbados, and want to find out where the best beaches, restaurants, accommodation and activities are in Barbados then you have come to the right place.

Totally Barbados features a vast amount of information about Barbados. Having won the 2010 World's Leading Travel Destination Website award, you can be confident that whether you are looking for various types of accommodation options, hotels, apartments or spas, events, things to do, restaurants, maps or useful information about the island, Totally Barbados will include the information you need.

You can keep up to date with all the events happening in Barbados by viewing the Barbados events calendar, which is updated every day and jam-packed full of all the latest events in Barbados.

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You can also download Barbados mobile apps for your tablet or smartphones.

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iTunes Store - Barbados Mobile AppGoogle Play - Barbados Mobile App

Barbados Events Calendar

The Barbados events calendar informs you about everything that is hip and happening in Barbados. With it's easy to use search function, you can check out what's coming up in advance - perfect for helping you plan what to do in Barbados.

What's more, you can get a discount on some of the events listed if you book through the Totally Barbados website.

For instance, did you know that you get money off when you book the Harbour Lights Beach Extravaganza Dinner Show through the Totally Barbados website?

For more information about events like this one, please go to the Totally Barbados events calendar.

To find out what's happening in Barbados today, this coming week, weekend, month or year on your mobile phone, iPhone, iPod or iPad visit the iTunes Store and download the Barbados To Do Mobile Events Calendar App for Barbados by Brecal Inc / Totally Barbados.

The BarbadosToDo Mobile Events Calendar App is designed for both the local and visitor to Barbados and now available in iTunes.

In addition you can sign up for our VIP newsletter, which is sent directly to your email inbox every week or two informing you of what's happening in Barbados.

What's more, if you book your Barbados Accommodation, activities and restaurants, through the Totally Barbados website you can receive special offers and discounts.

Or use the Barbados Visitors Guide from Totally Barbados which includes many pages of interest to all visitors of Barbados or join the RSS feed.

Four (4) Ways to find out what to do in Barbados

1. View daily hour-by-hour guides at Totally Barbados to see what's on. Explore our Google Barbados Events Calendar for 2013 below to find out what to do in Barbados and how to plan your day, week, weekend, month or year.

2. All Cell Phones and Mobile Devices visit: Barbados To Do

3. Mobile App: Barbados To Do at iTunes Store

Barbados Mobile App

4. Mobile App: Barbados To Do at Google play Store

Google Play - Barbados Mobile App Now Available

Barbados Accommodation

Barbados has many different types of accommodation to suit every tourist's needs.

Whether you are looking for a luxury hotel resort, such as The Crane hotel, which overlooks an exquisite beach that has been named by 'Lifestyles of the rich and famous' as one of the 10 best beaches in the world; or a self catering apartment, such as Plum Tree Club on the South Coast of Barbados.

For the perfect place to stay in Barbados visit:
Accommodation Map
All Inclusive Accommodation
Barbados Apartment Hotels
Barbados Apartments
Barbados Beach Cottages
Barbados Boutique Hotels
Barbados Hotels
Barbados Small Hotels
Barbados Villas
Bed Breakfasts
Christ Church Accommodation
East Coast Accommodation
Family Owned Apartments
Guest Houses
Inland Barbados Accommodation
South Coast Accommodation
St Andrew Accommodation
St George Accommodation
St James Accommodation
St John Accommodation
St Joseph Accommodation
St Lucy Accommodation
St Michael Accommodation
St Peter Accommodation
St Philip Accommodation
St Thomas Accommodation
West Coast Accommodation

Restaurants and Dining

Once you have secured where you are going to stay in Barbados, then the next thing to start looking forward to is what you are going to eat.

One of the things locals can really boast about is our high standard of restaurants. There are so many wonderful places to eat all across Barbados - some well known and some off the beaten track.

Barbados' restaurants offer something for everyone; from stunning beachfront restaurants, with the sound of the gentle waves lapping on the beach, to lively, relaxed bistros such as Paulo's Churrasco do Brasil, the only Brazilian steakhouse in Barbados.

Did you know that some restaurants offer special discounts if you book through the Totally Barbados website?

To find out about all the wonderful places you can go to eat in Barbados you can refer to the Totally Barbados Restaurant guide. We have detailed the restaurants by location, parish, type of restaurant and by cuisine so you can always find somewhere to suit your appetite.

Things to do in Barbados

You will be amazed at the choice of things to do in Barbados from zip lining through jungle canopies to exploring caves. To find out what's on offer you can refer to our Totally Barbados tourist attractions guide. This guide includes:

Top 10 Places to See in Barbados
Tour Barbados
Tour Barbados Central
Tour Barbados East
Tour Barbados North
Tour Barbados South
Tour Barbados South East
Tour Operators
Tourist Attractions
Tourist Attractions East Coast
Tourist Attractions Inland
Tourist Attractions Map
Tourist Attractions North Coast
Tourist Attractions South Coast
Tourist Attractions West Coast

It will also tell you where you can hire a car to tour Barbados, whether it be to tour the south of Barbados or even central Barbados. What's more, it lists the best places to go sightseeing.

For instance, why not check out the beautiful stalagmites and stalactites of Harrisons Cave?

Barbados Nightlife Guide

If you like a good party then check out the Barbados Nightlife guide, which will guide you through the nightlife of Barbados. Barbados is brimming with a wide range of nightlife, from spectacular dinner and dance shows featuring fire-eaters and stilt walkers, to pumping music nights showcasing live reggae, soca and house DJs.

The links below will help you get the party started!

1st and 2nd Street Holetown Nightlife
Barbados South Coast Nightlife
Barbados Weekly Nightlife Guide
Barbados West Coast Nightlife
St Lawrence Gap Nightlife

Barbados Beaches

Barbados is blessed with miles of pristine beaches, ready for you to discover. There is nothing better than sinking your toes into the soft, white sand or floating on the clear, blue sea.

Barbados beaches cater for everyone, from the surfer's favorite east coast to the picturesque, calm waters of the west coast of Barbados.

To find out where the best beaches in Barbados are, go to our Barbados beaches guide.

Our comprehensive beach guide not only directs you to the best beaches in Barbados, but it also tells you what amenities are available at the beach, provides you with information about the swimming conditions, and tells you where you can find the beach access points. This gives you the chance to arrive in the know, with any worries you might have had completely washed away.


Barbados is teaming with sporting activities. We are blessed with world class golf courses and polo pitches. Not to mention, world famous surfing Mecca's and of course rally racing.

So if you love sports and want to keep on the ball, check out the Totally Barbados sports guide, which tells you about World Cup Golf, World Cup Cricket, car racing, fishing, horse racing, polo, scuba diving, water skiing, water sports, wind and kite surfing and more.

Getting around Barbados

Totally Barbados provides you with information about all the different places in Barbados including the main places of interest, and all of the parishes. It even includes maps to help you find your way around.

Places of interest

1st and 2nd Street Holetown
St Lawrence Gap

Barbados Parishes

To give you a better understanding of how Barbados is laid out, and what goes on in each parish you can check out our guide to Barbados parishes.

In the south of the island you will find Christ Church and St Michael . On the west coast you will find St James and St Peter. In the north you will find St Lucy. On the east coast you will find St Andrew, St Joseph, St John and St Philip. And finally in the middle you will find St Thomas and St George; the only 2 parishes in Barbados that do not have water surrounding them.

Christ Church
St Andrew
St George
St James
St John
St Joseph
St Lucy
St Michael
St Peter
St Philip
St Thomas

Moving to Barbados

Are you looking to move to Barbados? If yes then you can use Totally Barbados as your one-stop shop to learn all about your beautiful new island home. Here are some articles you might find useful:

Living in Barbados
Moving to Barbados
On Arrival to Barbados
Settling in at Home in Barbados
Settling in Outside of Home in Barbados

Barbados Government

Forgotten who the Prime Minister is? What to know who's in charge of education for Barbados? Well you can find out all about who's who in the Barbados Government, and what they can do for you on our Totally Barbados Government pages:

Barbados Government
The Cabinet of Barbados
The History of Barbados Parliament
Barbados Parliament

Barbados History

Totally Barbados details the history of Barbados from as far back as the Amerindians to the present day. To read all about the history of our beautiful island you can go to the Totally Barbados history pages.

We're sure you'll be amazed at how one small island has so much history, and through it's own struggles and challenges helped shape politics the world over.

1625 - 1627 - The Early Beginnings of English Settlement in Barbados
1628 - 1630 - Barbados Changes Hands
1629 - 1639 - Henry Hawley and the First House of Assembly of Barbados
1639 - 1641 - Setting the foundation for the future of Barbados


People of Barbados

Barbados has produced a huge number of world famous celebrities, some of whom have been kind enough to spend time with us giving their history and providing advice to other Barbadians in their field.

As we have, we're sure that you will learn something new about these famous Barbadians and feel inspired by their incredible achievements. You can find out about famous Barbadians on our Meet a Bajan pages.

Did you know that Earl Maynard the Bajan world renowned body builder appeared in 17 Hollywood Blockbusters including some of the Jackie Chan movies?

Or had you heard that Sir Garfield Sobers had six fingers on each hand at birth instead of five (the extra fingers were removed in early boyhood).

You can read more exciting life stories like these at Meet a Bajan guide.

Barbados Rocks!

We at Totally Barbados hope you enjoy your stay in Barbados. We think Barbados is a beautiful country, with so much on offer. But don't just take our word for it - check out the video from one of our website users - 'Barbados Rocks!'.


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